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EA Leaks Personal Info For FIFA 20 Global Series Users

EA started registrations for the competition named FIFA 20 Global Series this week. On the other hand, those making an attempt to enroll noticed that the log-in page shows personal indo of users who had already performed so. They saw email addresses, usernames, and dates of birth, amongst other data.

It appears as though the issue impacted high-profile professionals and players along with anybody who enrolled. After reports of the problem surfaced, EA took down the page to probe and claimed it might offer updates as soon as feasible. When media asked EA for questions, it provided the same answer it posted on Twitter:

On a related note, EA earlier claimed that it is motivating its consumers to switch on 2FA, which it dubs as “Login Verification,” by providing them in return a free perk. Anyone who turns on the security function within October will receive Origin Access Basic’s one free month. It is the firm’s monthly $6.45 subscription platform that offers members access to a number of games and 10-hour-long early access to forthcoming games. The gaming behemoth rolled out its campaign for the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, although users will only begin getting their free month from next month.

EA claims all its consumers can avail the offer, so long as their Login Verification is turned on by end of this month, including security-conscious consumers who have been employing 2FA for a while now for their accounts. While it is a great method for new consumers to offer the service a try, the firm will also offer current Origin Access Basic users free access for one month. It simply will not charge them in November. Those shelling out more for Origin Access Premier, which comes with early access to full forthcoming titles and extra games for monthly $19.90, do not have to be concerned about getting downgraded either.

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