New iPad Pro Model Will Come With A Rear Triple-Camera Array
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New iPad Pro Model Will Come With A Rear Triple-Camera Array

According to a new rumor, Apple might bring a rear multiple-camera array in the next-generation iPads. While, everyone is expecting that the new iPads, like upcoming iPhones, will also have a rear triple-camera setup.

A Japan-based site, Mac Okatara, reported that the upcoming 10.2-inch regular iPads might be launched with a dual-camera setup and the next iPad Pro models might have a triple-camera system.

Apple already launched new updated iPad Air and iPad Mini models in March 2019 and would launch its iPad and iPad Pro models with new features later this year. Mac Okatara indicates that iPad Pro will get a bigger camera system (triple-camera array), based on the accessory diagrams from Apple suppliers. The site mentions that the iPad models could commercially launch in October 2019.

Apple has launched a dual-camera system for iPhones since 2017 but has not carried on this system to iPads. Even the recently launched iPad Pro has come with a single 12-Megapixel camera, while the latest iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad have 8-Megapixel sensors. The company’s upcoming multiple-camera system is expected to support Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

On a related note, last week, Apple revealed that it has released “Apple Music for Artists”—the analytics platform for musicians—after successful beta testing.

The Verge reported that using this platform, artists could have a glimpse to examine the performance of their composed music on a global basis. Apple has integrated “Apple Music for Artists” in its existing exclusive Apple Music platform. “Apple Music for Artists” could be accessed on both iOS app and Web search engine.

The platform delivers comprehensive information to artists about their music, such as the demand and penetration of the music in a specific region. Moreover, artists can overview the stream count and sales-related information on this platform.

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