InVADER Project To Examine Tools For Exploring Underwater Worlds
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InVADER Project To Examine Tools For Exploring Underwater Worlds

Reportedly, Pablo Sobron—Physicist at SETI Institute—and Laurie Barge—Research Scientist at NASA’s JPL—are the beneficiaries of a NASA PSTAR (Planetary Science and Technology from Analog Research) award to analyze underwater hydrothermal mechanisms at Axial Seamount, which is the most active and largest volcano on the Juan de Fuca tectonic plate. Their project is called InVADER (In-situ Vent Analysis Divebot for Exobiology Research) and will change the operational and technological arsenal available for prospect ocean world investigation. The InVADER team consists of engineers and scientists from other institutions in the U.S. and the U.K. that will develop techniques and use the scientific knowledge for ocean study.

Sobron said, “With InVADER, we present latest-generation space exploration devices 1,500 Meters under the ocean surface. In this way, our project presents rare opportunities to connect studies of the Earth’s oceans and operation concepts to discover oceans in our solar system.” InVADER incorporates a new science payload in the deep ocean platform. The underlying operation is to develop technologies for real-time sensing and independent sampling. To achieve its goal, InVADER features the first long-term-resident combined spectroscopy and imaging consignment for underwater sensing.

Recently, NASA was in news as the space agency revealed black hole discovery by using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. At about 6% of the present age of the universe, this is the first sign of a black hole concealed by gas at such a premature time in the record of the cosmos. A supermassive black hole is millions to billions of times massive than the Sun, grow typically by pulling in material from a disk of nearby matter. The fast growth produces a large quantity of radiation in a small region near the black hole, which is also known as a “quasar.”

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