After US Shooting, Walmart Removes Violent Video Game Signs From Stores
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After US Shooting, Walmart Removes Violent Video Game Signs From Stores

Walmart Inc stated it has asked workers at its stores in the US to demount any playable displays and signs of aggressive video games. However, it has made no alterations to its policy on vending guns. In an in-house letter, Walmart also seeks its staff to off-ramp hunting season videos straight away. The biggest US firearms seller, which has been under stress to alter its policies on arms sales, stated it took the step after the loss of 31 folks in mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, one of which happened in a Walmart store.

In the interim, a petition set up by a junior Walmart employee in California to express disapproval against the firearms sale of the retailer has assembled over 50,000 signatures. Shortly, it will be conveyed to CEO Doug McMillon. Thomas Marshall, a member of staff in San Bruno California who initiated the appeal, told Reuters the resolution to do away with displays and signage of violent video games is noteworthy but not sufficient.

The firm told Reuters it hasn’t altered its policies on deals of violent video games and firearms in its shops. In 2015, it terminated the vending of assault-rifle and also, in 2018, lifted the minimum age to 21 for gun purchases, getting in line following years of social vox pop. The American Federation of Teachers recommended Walmart to discontinue vending arms and not make political payments to lawmakers who get contributions from the National Rifle Association.

On a similar note, Co-owned networks by Walt Disney, ABC, and ESPN have settled on to postpone this weekend’s esports tournament broadcast of battle royale game “Apex Legends” after the shootings to October, as told to Reuters by a resource knowing about the subject. The choice was made out of homage for the sufferers and all those affected in the immediate repercussion of the shootings, said the source.

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