WhatsApp Will Soon Have A Boomerang Feature Like Instagram
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WhatsApp Will Soon Have A Boomerang Feature Like Instagram

One of the globally acceptable chatting platforms, WhatsApp, might release a new video-capturing feature on its platform, Boomerang. The feature is currently available on its sister application, Instagram. Boomerang feature allows users to form looping videos. A report specified that WhatsApp would launch this feature initially on iOS devices, and later on Android platform.

Boomerang feature was initially launched by Twitter’s Vine, which allowed users to create six seconds of video loops, while Instagram is offering one-second of the video loop.

WABetaInfo—a platform revealing all the upcoming features of WhatsApp—reported that the Boomerang feature is under the development phase. This feature will be available on the Video Type panel in WhatsApp, which is being used as a video to GIF conversion tool.

According to some sources, the feature would be capable of making the video loop of all clips less than 7 Seconds. In addition, the looped video created through the upcoming feature could be sent through WhatsApp as a message and set as a Status update.

On a related note, the global leading social networking platform, Facebook, is thinking to put hallmark on its wholly-owned property. The company expects to rebrand its two renowned acquired platforms: WhatsApp and Instagram. On the other hand, several government agencies are trying to segment the global giant companies in an attempt to violate the condition of monopoly.

A subscription-based digital media company, The Information, received information from the Facebook employees that the company would add its name in the two acquired platforms. Therefore, Instagram will be called as “Instagram from Facebook” and WhatsApp will be called as “WhatsApp from Facebook.”

A Facebook spokesperson informed that the company would go with rebranding, as Facebook preferred to be precise concerning its products and services. In case, the company is seeking to back up some key services, it would have to be more responsible in terms of maintaining data privacy.

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