Chandrayaan-2 Anticipated To Reach Lunar Orbit Next Week ISRO chairman
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Chandrayaan-2 Anticipated To Reach Lunar Orbit Next Week: ISRO chairman

Chandrayaan-2, the second moon mission by India, is anticipated to get to the orbit of the Moon on August 20, 2019, and land on the surface on September 7, 2019, Dr K Sivan, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) chairman, claimed to the media.

The spacecraft is all ready to leave the orbit of the Earth after 2 Days, he claimed to the media. Chandrayaan-2, a three-module aircraft having lander, orbiter, and rover, which was blasted off on July 22, 2019, might make a landing on the lunar surface on September 7, 2019, the ISRO head claimed. “After blasting Chandrayaan-2 on July 22, 2019, we did 5 manoeuvres.

The composite body of Chandrayaan-2 is now orbiting around the Earth,” he claimed. The next very crucial and important manoeuvre will take place this week.

“This week, we are going to conduct a manoeuvre dubbed as a trans-lunar injection. By this manoeuvre, the spacecraft will move towards the Moon and leave the Earth. On August 20, 2019, we will be getting to the Moon,” he claimed.

“Then, we will be conducting the insertion of lunar orbit. By this procedure, the spacecraft on August 20, 2019, will be around the moon. Next, we have aimed to have a sequence of manoeuvres surrounding the Moon, and lastly on September 7, 2019, we will be reaching the lunar surface close to its south pole,” he claimed.

On a related note, the journey of Chandrayaan-2 is a long 48 Days to get to the lunar surface whereas missions blasted by US and USSR even more than 5 Decades back reached the Moon in less than few days.

The Luna-2 craft by USSR took only 34 hours in 1959 to get to the Moon. Almost a decade later, NASA’s Apollo-11 mission transporting humans landed on the lunar surface in only 4 Days.

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