Astronauts Playing Video Games Might Save Lives In Orbit
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Astronauts Playing Video Games Might Save Lives In Orbit

Much like pilots and astronauts, it seems that doctors are more and more running simulations in virtual realities to sharpen their abilities. Using a series of video game techs, some of which use the newest VR devices and others that operate on standard displays, first-responders and surgeons are capable of practicing all kinds of operations without harming actual patients.

Now some of that tech is migrating back to astronomers, due to Level Ex, which makes medicinal video games for doctors and has just got an approval from the TRISH (Translational Research Institute for Space Health) to develop a virtual human simulation structure for NASA.

Why educate astronauts to conduct medical operations? It seems that space is actually tough surrounding for mankind. In a latest twin study performed on astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, the affect of long term space setups came into clearer sight. Cognitively, Scott, who lately finished a year-long post on the ISS, had “a more pronounced drop in accuracy and speed ” post-flight, as per NASA.

It has long been recognized that the very framework of essential organs, comprising the vascular and heart system, can alter at the time of space travel. As NASA more and more looks toward longer missions in the run-up to a possible landing on the red planet, there is elevated attention on making sure astronauts stay fit on the way.

Presently, when a medical problem takes place in space, astronauts interact with a Mission Control medical team. But the further astronauts roam out into space, the longer the latency period between interactions.

On a related note, astronauts aboard the ISS have to work out and change their diet to endure expanded stays in microgravity, but ESA and NASA expect to find a better mean. They are about to begin a survey that will find how artificial gravity may keep astronauts in good condition.

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