EPA Still Stands Against A Warning Label For Roundup Chemical
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EPA Still Stands Against A Warning Label For Roundup Chemical

Recently, the Trump administration had come out loud that it could not encourage the labeling of products that contain glyphosate. This move was considered to be made to help California fight the world’s largest agriculture company that has been potentially been spreading cancer-causing chemical. The glyphosate products sold in California need the warning labels imprinted as it is one of the commonly used weed killer Roundup. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has already found the glyphosate products to be carcinogenic. The US Environmental Protection Agency has however responded saying they have found the chemicals of no threat to public health.

California has till date not issued a warning label for the products as Monsanto has sued a judge for temporarily putting a ban on the product sale without the warning label. The lawsuit has to be cleared, for the warning label to be brought to force. According to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, the plan of labeling the products inaccurately when EPA knows the product to be free of any risk to the public. Monsanto has made it clear that it will not let California’s flawed program take over the federal policy. Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act put forth by California has asked the government to circulate the list of carcinogenic chemicals made by EPA and IARC. Though the IARC had in 2015 termed glyphosate as probably carcinogenic, the warning labels are yet to be made.

EPA has been found defending glyphosate and thus, the trials on the company are still going on in the California court. On another note, in May, a panel of judges had ordered Monsanto to provide a California couple $2.055 billion dollars after they were found to be blaming the company for the cause of cancer. However, last month, the jury was seen to have lowered the price to about $87 Million.

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