Deliveroo To Stop Operations In Germany And Aim On Other Markets
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Deliveroo To Stop Operations In Germany And Aim On Other Markets

Reportedly, Deliveroo—British food delivery service—will stop operations across Germany and shift its attention on other markets, a spokesperson for the Amazon-backed firm stated. The pull out of Deliveroo—which reports it has 1,100 riders across five cities and less than 100 employees in Germany—reduces rivalry for Dutch competitor, which in the past year settled to acquire larger contender Delivery Hero’s business across the German food delivery market. The latest decision by Deliveroo came as and British contender Just Eat have finalized the terms of their contract to form a global food delivery organization that will be top-most in Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Canada.

Regarding Germany, a Deliveroo representative said, “We have decided to target on other markets.” Deliveroo will move its resources and investment toward advancing the growth and increasing markets around the Asia-Pacific and Europe region. Deliveroo reported that the appropriate goodwill packages and compensation would be available for employees, riders, and restaurants.

Recently, Deliveroo was also in news for acquiring Edinburgh-based software studio Cultivate. As two of the biggest rivals in online-food ordering and delivery across Europe work on a $10 billion merger to increase their footstep and economies of scale, one of its largest competitors has made attainment to enlarge its own tech muscle. Deliveroo has attained a small Scottish startup Cultivate, which is a software development and user experience studio that has worked with several big names, counting Deliveroo itself. At present, Deliveroo has 60,000 riders and 80,000 restaurants on its books across 14 markets in 500 cities in Europe and beyond (France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan, UAE, Singapore, Spain, Kuwait, and the U.K). The online-food ordering company is subsequently forming a new fin-tech center in Edinburgh, where Cultivate is headquartered.

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